Unreserved Gun Auction Sale

Kaye’s Auction House
263 Stanley St. Wpg. MB
Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

(Viewing after 2:00pm Same Day of Sale Only)

Having received instructions thru the Trustee & Lawyer we will sell the following:
#1)       CIL model 621H pump action 12g. shotgun
#2)       Remington model 7600 pump action 30-06 rifle
#3)       Traditions Buckstalker 50 cal. Black Powder muzzle loader
#4)       Marlin model MR-7 bolt action 30-06 rifle
#5)       Mauser (1939) model K98 bolt action 8X57mm cal. rifle
#6)       Voere Titan II bolt action 8X68S cal. rifle
#7)       P. Beretta-Gardone mod. S56E over/under, lightly engraved coin finished break action 12g. shotgun
#8)       Winchester model Ranger lever action 30-30 cal. rifle
#9)       Winchester model 490 semi-auto .22 cal. rifle
#10)     Argentino Mauser (1909) model O, bolt action, 30-06 cal. rifle
#11)     Savage model II bolt action 308 rifle
#12)     Mosin-Nagant model 1950 7.62mm rifle
#13)     Marlin model XT-22 bolt action .22 rifle
#14)     Kral Arms model Super TEC KRX 12g. shotgun
#15)     Winchester model SuperX pump action 12g. shotgun
#16)     Simonov model SKS bolt action 7.62 rifle
#17)     Savage model II bolt action 223 Rem rifle
#18)     Canuck model Edge pump action 12g. shotgun
#19)     Canuck model Defender pump action 12g. shotgun
#20)     Marlin model 795 semi-auto .22 rifle
RESTRICTED FIREARMS (Need P.A.L. with Restricted Classification TO PURCHASE)
#1A)    Tokarev model M57 semi-auto 7.62mm hand gun
#1B)    Norinco model NP29 semi-auto 9mm hand gun
#1C)    Smith & Wesson model M&P9 semi auto 9mm hand gun
#1D)    Bersa Thunder 9 Pro semi-auto 9mm hand gun
#1E)     Tokarev model TT33 semi-auto 7.62 hand gun
#Y1)    Gamo model M6 Classic R77 revolved pellet hand gun
#Y2)    Crosman model 357 air pistol
#Y3)    Umarex model XBG air pistol hand gun
#X1)    Perfect Life crossbow
#X2)    Man Kung MK-300 Camouflaged design crossbow

Approx. 600 rounds of blazer brass 9mm Luger* 100 Winchester 12 GA 3” number 2* approx. 450 Norinco 7.62×25 fmj* approx. 200 Winchester 9mm Luger* approx. 175- 7.62x39hp Barnaul* approx. 40 rounds of Federal 308 Winchester* approx. 20 Federal 2 3/4 inch slugs*  approx. 1500 cci mini mag 22 long rifle* approx. 500 Remington 223 bullets* etc.* 5-assort. hard shell cases* 2-gun boots*

NOTE:  You must hold a valid Firearms license and must be licensed to possess restricted firearms.

Terms:  Cash, Visa, Mastercard or debit paid in full same day of sale. 5% Buyer’s Fee.

“Subject to Additions & Deletions”
   Everything Sold As Is, Where Is,
   With no warranties implied or expressed
   KAYE’S AUCTIONS 204-668-0183 (WPG)