Farm Auction for Liz and the Estate of Dennis Waroway

Dennis was a heavy duty mechanic at the local John Deere dealership for many years and had accumulated a wide variety of tools and shop equipment that would make any mechanic drool with envy.

Now is your chance to buy from his huge collection of Snap-on, John Deere, MAC, Westward, Mastercraft, Dewalt and other tools.


JD 3010 tractor – very good (almost new)rubber, 46A FEL, joy stick control

JD ‘D’ tractor – nicely restored, good rubber, Good running order

JD 640 loader frame & Bucket (No cylinders)

JD #47 backhoe attachment for small tractor, incl 2 buckets

6’ blade for FEL


20’ Rainbow car hauler, GC

2 up skidoo trailer 8×12 steel deck                


Tow behind (Not 3pt) 5’ rough mower

6’ – 3pt cultivator – Needs reassembly, may be missing parts

Prong  type stone picker

10’ JD deep tiller

6’ JD one way disk

10’ Older deep tiller

Dump rake – 12’ JD

Wide level disker

4 wheel farm trailer & water tank

½ ton truck box  trailer

Horse drawn mower, 5’, shedded

2 wheel utility yard trailer

5 – 26 roto tiller (TURFTILL)

Homemade yard sprayer

12 volt ATV spreader


Large SNAP-ON rolling tool Cabinet, Ap 28 drawers

LKS 250AC/ 200DC arc welder

Rolling tool chest, 2 section

Dewalt HD Hammer drill

A/C service supplies, fittings, etc

MAC ½”Torque wrench

Large HD hydraulic shop press

Makita cordless reciprocating saw

Beaver-Rockwell table saw

Floor trolley jacks

Hobart Handler 175 Mig welder

Large quantity of Tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, snap ring pliers,

Snap-on air chisel set

Snap-on torque-o-meter

Hardware assortments

Battery Chargers / Boosters

Makita Chop saw

Very large (5/8”) HD drill

Hydraulic pressure gauges

Inside and Outside micrometer sets

Pulley remove and install tools

Hydraulic power ram unit

MAC ½” air Impact

Welding tables, c/w large vice

Bearing splitters and pullers

Large Snap-on pullers

OTC Pry bar set

Floor standing drill press

Drill press vices

5500 Watt Diesel generator

Bushing Stock

Asst Useable steel pieces, Angle iron, tubing, pipe, flat, plate etc

Sliding compound miter saw

Electric Cable winch/hoist

2 ton trolley for overhead winch

Bolt bins with bolts, etc


Aluminum ladders – extension & step

Nitrogen cylinder and gas for A/|C evac.

A/C service gauges, scale, etc

Qty of repair manuals for trucks and tractors etc

New single cyl. air compressor headFraming nailer

Jack stands

Diamond Wheel saw


Air hoses


Sand blaster tank unit

Variety of c clamps ,small to large

Pipe wrenches, Crescents, etc

Air tools, die grinders, impact wrenches (up to ¾”), chisel, etc

12 volt chain saw sharp

Pressure washer

Large steel drill bits

Router bits

Construction heater

Dial indicator

Vacuum pump

Tractor seat stool

Chain saw sharpener

Cordless drills

Cordless work light

Dual head bench grinders

Roll of 14/2 wire

Parts washer

 Booster pack

Gas motor with brass pump

12 Volt generator, Alternators, Starters

Shaft Stock

Expanded mesh peices

Asst Vehicle and tractor oils

Electric motors

Tractor magnetos

Double acting fuel pump for slip tank

Var hydraulic pumps

Propane burner unit


Hydraulic cylinders

Ratchet strapsVar gaskets, seals bearings etc

John Deere chain saw

Acetylene torch kit

Passload framing nails

Mechanics creeper

Skill saw

Power sander

Spray paints

Router bits

Brad nailer

Welding tools

Tall HD Shelf units

Wrench sets

Table saw

HD acetylene cart

MAKITA 7” side grinder

Screw drivers

Portable air compressor

Screw driver bit set

Electrical kits

Measuring tape

Compressor gauges

2 hp motor

SKIL saw

Mastercraft Cordless tool kit

Milk Separator pail

Beaver drill press

Nails, screws, etc

Parts washer tub

Spark plug cleaner

Power hack saw

Assorted wrenches

Wooden bench

Work light

Small step ladder

Magnetic sweep

Grinder on stand


Air hose

Post drill

Used tires

Large Tire chains (tractor)


Old windows

Egg crates

Grease guns

Assort. Nuts, bolts, etc

Clevises, Draw pins etc

Gas water pump

Var hyd cylinders, etc

Qty tin

2 radiators

Rolling frame for moving pallets?

Tractor tire (front) new

Poly water tank

KOHLER generator

Lots of front tractor tires/rims

Saw Mandrel

Cement mixer

Snow fence

PTO shafts

Assort. Steel parts

4 wheel farm trailer

Metal ladder

Pallet platform

3 – 21’ I-beams approx 6”x10”

Sheet steel

2×4” tubing

Grader blades

Assort. Small tin

Cast wood heater

Water hose

Upright wood heater

A/C repair supplies

Hydraulic press

Qty New & used JD parts

Qty of new asst bolts and hardware

100 # propane tank


Crate frames – light duty

Asst exterior doors

Rough cut lumber

Truck cap for 8’ CHEV after 88

SELKIRK chimney

Propane BBQ

New?  Pressure pump

Assort. Copper & wire

NH3 hose

Cement cribs

Yard wire

4×8 sleigh type ice fishing shack, 4  holer with heater

Lawn Roller



4 wooden grain bins, 10×14 – 3 w good tin roofs; 1 w good asphalt shingles

Large Qty of  1” & 2” birch Lumber

Birch rough cut for making sleigh Runners

Qty of rough lumber, shedded

Approx 20-25 cords firewood – birch, tamarack, spruce, poplar

Hydraulic Wood splitter on trailer

Barn board siding

(2)Bridge Planks

Rustic  8×8” wood beams  x15 feet long

Qty of galvanized tin, longer lenghs

New JD Tractor seat



“RADIO OIL” grease can

Honey tins-

Bakolite radios

Brass blow torch

Old pop bottles

Snow shoes

Var bottles and tins

Barn Lanterns

Wooden nail keg

Bull Dog motor oil pail

Prestone tin

Varcon tin

Apple basket

Sad Irons

Co-Op grease pail

1963 Dauphin Bicycle license Plate

Small forge

Antique beer bottles

Wringer washer

Wooden 7up case

Antique Honey cans

Vintage Catalogs

Vintage license plates (1936-40)

Nose baskets

Curry cable

5 gal ESSO pail


Cobalt blue medicine bottles

Rural mail boxes

Old windows (multi-pane)

Antique wheel barrow