City of Winnipeg Computers Monitors & accessories Online onlyBidding closes Tuesday August 13 12:00 Noon

Lot #: 1

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA12307VC

Lot #: 2

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA1270X1X

Lot #: 3

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA1270X31

Lot #: 4

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA1270X1P

Lot #: 5

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA1270X1L

Lot #: 6

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA12307V7

Lot #: 7

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA12307VK

Lot #: 8

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA1270X2K

Lot #: 9

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA12307VY

Lot #: 10

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA12307V8

Lot #: 11

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA12307VF

Lot #: 12

Desktop Hewlett-Packard 2UA2380L87

Lot #: 13

Laptop Panasonic 9CKSA36714

Lot #: 14

Laptop Panasonic 9CKSA36743

Lot #: 15

Laptop Panasonic 9CKSA36741

Lot #: 16

Laptop Panasonic 9CKSA36738

Lot #: 17

Laptop Panasonic 9CKSA36698

Lot #: 18

Laptop Panasonic 9CKSA36715

Lot #: 19

Laptop Panasonic 9CKSA36796

Lot #: 20

Laptop Panasonic 9CKSA36739

Lot #: 21

Laptop Panasonic 9IKSA01783

Lot #: 22

Laptop Hewlett-Packard CND0072V1H

Lot #: 23

Laptop Hewlett-Packard 5CB3340HZX

Lot #: 24

Docking Station Hewlett-Packard CNU124WWL9

Lot #: 25

Desktop Hewlett-Packard CAC732012C

Lot #: 26

Audio Video Brightsign A2E2CG001787

Lot #: 27

Audio Video Brightsign R3E6DL001675

Lot #: 28

Audio Video Brightsign A2E2CM001619

Lot #: 29

Audio Video Brightsign A2E2CW001653

Lot #: 30

Audio Video Brightsign A2E2CU001616

Lot #: 31

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNC946P2H2

Lot #: 32

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNC045QNP9

Lot #: 33

Monitor Compaq 211CK64GC637

Lot #: 34

Monitor Compaq 211CK64GC634

Lot #: 35

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNC946P2LY

Lot #: 36

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CND7421KPW

Lot #: 37

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CND7421KQN

Lot #: 38

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNC003QDH1

Lot #: 39

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNK5431V4C

Lot #: 40

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CND7421KQK

Lot #: 41

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CND7301KTJ

Lot #: 42

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNK5431V3X

Lot #: 43

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNC903P491

Lot #: 44

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNC946P2GZ

Lot #: 45

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNK5431V45

Lot #: 46

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CND7421KVJ

Lot #: 47

Monitor Hewlett-Packard 3CQ8334BQY

Lot #: 48

Monitor Hewlett-Packard 3CQ8334BSP

Lot #: 49

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNC832NW0K

Lot #: 50

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNC906QCHN

Lot #: 51

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNC003QDGL

Lot #: 52

Monitor Hewlett-Packard CNC003QDGP

Lot #: 53

Television Sharp 0S000602

Lot #: 54

Television Sharp 80011312

Lot #: 55

Television LG 110RMUY3F150

Lot #: 56

Television Sharp 0S000912

Lot #: 57

Misc docking stations

Lot #: 58

Misc power supplies & cables

Lot #: 59

Misc keyboards & mice


This is an Online Bidding Only auction format. * All items sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults, descriptions believed accurate but not guaranteed* 15% Buyer's premium rate charged to all winning bids in this auction to a max of $600.00.* By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they are bidding regardless of item condition.* 7% Manitoba sales tax added to all purchases and buyer's premium, unless a tax exempt form is provided to us.* 5% GST added to all purchases *The Balance is due following business day by 5:00 PM. Balance must be paid by Cash or Certified Cheque. (If a credit card is used to pay the balance, a 3% non-cash payment is charged)* Credit cards on file may be immediately charged the balance due UNLESS you make other payment arrangements with our office the day the auction ends.* Associated Auto Auction Ltd. may reserve the right to reject any bid at it's sole discretion.* Local pickup only unless otherwise noted. * Bidding is "ebay style" with a soft close, the highest bid shall prevail. (Subject to Sellers Approval)* We reserve the right to cancel and/or reopen the auction bidding.*The Item Must Be Paid For Within 3 Business Days (Counting The Sale Day). The Item Must Be Picked Up With In 5 Business Days. If Items are not picked up during the scheduled mandatory pick up dates and times, the merchandise and purchase monies will be forfeited - No exceptions and the purchaser WILL be charged a MANDATORY disposal fee at Associated Auto Auction Ltd. discretion


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Associated Auto Auction Ltd, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.