2017 Fundraising Auction TONIGHT 7pm

Tonight register at 630pm, sale at 7pm. Drop by to view items, 2nd floor, CanadInn, Portage

sale 2017


Partial List  – more to come later in the day

kids recliner

buddy lights flashlights

go pro accessory kit

greeting card set

shop blower

solar motion light

under seat luggage

Salad Bowl Set

rotating power bar

tablet or phone mounting kit

water bottles

chocolate easter eggs

ice traction slip on shoe grips

go pro accessory kit

duracell flashlight set

reflective tshirt/vest

reflective tshirt/vest

Stonewall Tribune gift certificate

Winnipeg Symphony Tickets

Herald Leader Gift Certificate

Gift Basket – Purse, Scarf

CKLQ Star Gift Certificate

Mug & Chocolates

Kitchen Knives and block Set

Jets Tickets (2) – Vancouver vs Wpg, March 26, $360

One Night Stay – Canad Inns

Stanley Cup Popcorn Machine

Knex Building Blocks

Global Auction Guide Gift Certificate 

Baking Sheets

Pizza Stone

Crock Pot

Micro Shop Vac

Bidspotter Gift Certificate

John Deere Onesie

Big Farm Toy Truck

John Deere Toy Truck and Tractor

Jewelery Set Necklace & earrings

Creeper Seat

Portable Phone and tablet charger

Socket Set

Chris Hadf

ield Autobiography