Farm toy and colectible dispersal for Ted Sorochynski

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  • 16 October, 2017
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Ted worked at John Deere for many years and was a collector of all things John Deere plus a few extras! Lots of JD toys in all scales and much much more!


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Dyck Family

Dyck Family in Hochfeld  auction for Isaac Dyck  , Susan Dyck , and Emily   and estates of Late Jake Dyck and their  late parents  Mr and Mrs Isaac Dyck 

 two generations  of Collecting antques  with some rare Items  

also some Farm Equipment of Issac Dyck and his late Brother Jake Dyck 

everthing here sells to the highest Bidder  as is where is , Family members if they wish are entitled to bid on items for there own use or collection 

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Estate of Gilbert Vust

Gilbert Vust was a very avid collector of allis Chalmers  Tractors and equpment 

Gilbert Himself was the driving force  to see  Cnada's   LARGEST ALLIS CHAMERS  Muesum COME TO  Fruition  located 1000 ft from this auction site 


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Lenton Jim and Doreen

The lentons  have been   in Business in Miami , and have now retired to Carman , there is much selling to do and good quality  items , please plan to attend , bring your truck and trailer , etc 

owners 204 745 6424 

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Vintage Pop Culture And Sports Collectibles Dispersal Sale

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  • 19 June, 2017
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2 Day Long Vintage Pop Culture & Sports Collectibles Dispersal Sale, Online Only With A LIVE Auctioneer   1000’s of Records! 1000’s of Hockey Cards! 100’s of Movie Posters!  Tons … Continue Reading →

Coin and Currency Sale

Over 500 Lots for sale LOT A Newfoundland 10¢ A1    1872 H A2    1888 A3    1890 A4    1894 A5    1876 A6    1903 A7    1904 A8    1912 A9    1917 A10    1919 … Continue Reading →

Online Coin Auction

1900 Shinplaster-25 Banknote –fine 1900 Shinplaster-25 cents banknote –fine 1923 Shinplaster ,25 cents  – fine-banknote 1923 Shinplaster ,25 cents  – fine-banknote 1937 .1.00 banknote –fine 1937 .1.00 banknote -fine 1954 … Continue Reading →

feb coin auction

Coin Auction

Thank you for coming onto our Winter 2017 coin  online auction  To take part in Bidding on the below listed items   click on the online bidding sign on top … Continue Reading →

SoldOutright Rare Combat Toy Auction Two of Two Cuirass Chariot Collectibles

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  • 10 December, 2016
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SoldOutright Auctions has an International Reach through the "SoldOutright Website" and also through the "SoldOutright" Mobile Bidding App. Our Accelerated Marketing and Sales program reaches well into other developed countries. We have been in the selling business since 1983 and we have successfully moved toward Accelerated Marketing and Direct Selling via the Auction Method as an addition to our more traditional selling methods.  Please contact us for more information.

Bidders placing a bid on this or any other SoldOutright Auction are agreeing to all the terms and conditions that includes the addition of a buyer premium to the winning bid, payment or credit charge, handling, packaging, shipping and insuring and legal costs. Suggested quality and descriptions are for information only and nothing else is either implied or promised. Third party appraisals and certifications are offered for information only and as presented with no guarantee of any kind or in any nature proposed. 

Download the SoldOutright bidding app on your mobile device or tablet using the convenient icons on this site or visit to bid on-line.

Call Brent 1 204 740 0439 or via email

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