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Private Collection of Vintage Camera's and Accessories to be offered at auction as one package. There are several "duplicate" photo's of each item within the photo Gallery to illustrate condition in the best way possible.

Items with names such as Fujifilm, Pana Cam, Kodak EK6 Instant Camera, Canon TLb, Kodak Instamatic X15, Bell & Howell PZ3100, Kodak VR35, Kalimar All Weather AW10, Kodak Easy Share LC, Kodak Brownie Starmate II,  PRACKTICA LB3 and several other items

As mentioned this Camera and Accessory Package will be SoldOutright to the highest bidder as one item.

None of the items offered have been tested and will be sold as is as a package: nothing is implied or promised as to condition, operational expectation or function.

The Photo Gallery shown has several duplicate photos from different angles to diplay the equipment in the best way possible and not intended to confuse the quantity.

The items have not been specifically listed and will be sold as a job lot! Count and Condition are indicated on a best effort basis, not an audited count nor guaranteed.

Should there be any questions in regard to specific items please contact SoldOutright for further information.

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Auction – Cameras

Brand Description Quantity


Bell + HowellPZ3100 DB Camera 1

BrownieStarmite II Camera 1

Canon TLb Camera with FD 50mm 1:1.8 SC Lens 1

CanonSure Shot Camera with 28/48mm Canon Lens & Manual 1

ConcordRed Camera 1

FujifilmFinepix S1000 fd Camera 1

FujifilmClear Shot 10 Auto Camera with 29mm Fujinon Lens 1

FujifilmFinepix S1600 Camera with 15X Optical Zoom 1

Kalimar AW-10 All Weather Waterproof Camera 1

Kellogg'sAdvertising Camera Rice Krispies 1

KodakFlashfun Hawkeye Camera 1

KodakEK6 Instant Camera 2

KodakInstamatic X-15 Camera 1

KodakPocket Instamatic 20 Camera -Missing Flash 1

KodakEasyshare Camera 1

KodakInstamatic 124 Color Outfit 1

Kodak VR35 K6 Camera with 1:5.6 38mm Lens & Case 1

NikonOne Touch with 35mm 1:2.8Macro Lens c/w Case 1

PentaxK1000 Camera with Pentax -M 1:1.7 50mm Lens 1

PentaxEspio 60S 35mm Compact Camera 1

PentaxZoom 70 Camera with 35-70mm Tele-Macro Pentax Lens 1

PentaxEspio 145M Super with 35-145mm Pentax Zoom Lens 1

PolaroidJoyCam Camera 1

PolaroidSun 600 LMS Land Camera with Case 1

PolaroidPronto B Land Camera 1

Polaroid900 Z Camera with 35-70mm Power Zoom Lens 1

PolaroidOne Step Camera 1

Praktica LB2 Camera with Manual & Original Case 

Total RewardsHidden Jackpots Camera 1

30 Items in this Grouping

PandaDV182 Digital Video Camera 1


AstonDX Auto Zoom Lens 1:4.5 200mm 1

Canon ?Five Star 1:8 500mm 1

Exakta ?Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Domiplan 2.8 50mm 1

Opticam1:2.8 135mm #083311

OpticamAuto 1:2.8 135mm #168719 with case 1

Tamron1:3.8 80-210mm Adapter 21

?MC Auto Macro Image 1:2.8 28mm #861126691

7 Items in Total in this Grouping


Ambico#7738 Magenta Mist 1

Ambico#7715 2 Point Star 1

Ambico#7731 Soft Focus 1

Ambico#7746 Fog Grad. Light 1

Ambico#7747 Fog Grad. Dark 1

Ambico#7982 Dark Gray 1

Ambico#7723 6 Parallel 1

Ambico#7798 Blue Mist 1

Berkeley55mm 1A 1

Hoya49mm PL Japan 1

Kenko20 Special Effect 3×3 with Holder 20

KenkoUV SL30 58mm  1

ToyoOptics 67mm Polarizer 1

Vivitar 52mm Polarizer 1

?C – N.P.S. Polarizer 52mm Japan 1

34 Items in this Grouping


Ambico#7862 62mm Adapter Ring 1

ArgusPreviewer 1

Hanimex CX440 Computer Flash 1

MorrisMini Slave Wide 1

Polaroid Land Camera Instruction Manual 1

PromasterSpectrum 7 Auto Tele Converter MC 2X for Pentax 1

Tamron Multi-coated Auto Tele Converter 2X CA-B 1

Vivatar 285 HV Zoom Thyristor with Manual 1

Vivatar 2500 Zoom Thyristor with Manual 1

Vivatar16M Electronic Flash 1

?Adapter for Canon 1

?Formula 5 M. C. Auto 2X TelXtenter for Pentax with Case 1

12 Items in this Grouping

Add Ons

?Smartphone Projector 2.0 1

?Squeeze Blower Brush for Cleaning Camera Lens 1

?Lens Cover 58mm 1

?Extension Tube For Air Release 1

CokinFilter Bracket & blank 1

Eveready Nickel-Cadmium Battery Charger 1

6 Items in this Grouping

Film & Flash Bulbs

Kodacolor200 35mm Print Film 2

Kodak 400 35mm Print Film 1

Kodak 126 Gold Film 12 Exp – Expired 02/1994 & 12/19942

Kodak Ultramax 800 3×24 1

SylvaniaMagic Cubes X Flash Bulbs 2

SylvaniaFlash Bar 1

? Triple Print Colour Film – July 1978 1

?Triple Print Colour Film – October 1975 1

11 Items in this Grouping





All items are sold as is where is and nothing whatsoever is implied or promised as to quality, actual item count, condition and description. All descriptions in this auction are those of the collector and that opinion only. By placing a bid, all registered bidders and winning bidders agree with any and all terms and conditions found on and associated companies. 

An Auction with special conditions. Please contact indicating your interest or should there be questions text or call 1 204 740 0439, Thank you for joining us at

Bidders in placing their bid in this auction are agreeing to all terms and conditions of Auctions SoldOutright that includes the addition of a 15% buyers premium added to the winning bid, a credit card or payment charge, handling, packaging, shipping, insurance and applicable taxes. The descriptions offered are provided in general terms to give a basic explanation of each item. All items are sold in an as is where is condition and nothing else is implied or promised.

TERMS & CONDITIONS Real Estate & Personal Property Auctions 1.All Auctions will start exactly on the advertised time 2.Changes to Auction Terms and Conditions take place occasionally and should be reviewed by Bidders on a regular basis. 3.On-Line Bidding with pre-registered qualified bidders will be allowed 4.To become a registered bidder for any Auction a person must sign in and qualify no later than 90 minutes prior to the posted start time of the Auction. 5.To qualify as a Real Estate bidder and receive a due diligence pack, a certified deposit cheque of a pre-determined deposit amount must be presented to the Auctioneer or their proxy at the time of registration to receive a bidding number. 6.A person will not be able to bid or attend a Real Estate Auction without proper registration, appropriate deposit and acquiring a bidding number 90 minutes prior to the posted Auction time. 7.Auction details, property details and any corrections( if applicable), will be announced at the auction 8.All bids are subject to acceptance of the Auctioneer. 9.Bids are not deemed valid until acknowledged and accepted at the sole discretion of the Auctioneer. 10.All bids are either recognized or rejected only at the sole discretion of the Auctioneer. 11.Being deemed the successful bidder by the Auctioneer, you agree to pay the amount of your bid plus all applicable taxes, buyers premium, other special premiums and other additional costs in accordance with all written or oral terms and conditions of the Auction. 12.Neither the company providing the software nor the auction company shall be held responsible for a missed bid, human error of any kind or the failure of the software to function properly for any reason. 13.All bids shall be regarded pending until appropriately accepted by the auctioneer. 14.It is important that all registered bidders must thoroughly inspect any property and read the offering memorandum to purchase at auction before the bidding starts and must not bid unless he or she has done so or comfortable with accepting the risk of the unknown. 15.It is the Bidders responsibility to fully inspect the property and be satisfied of condition and state of the item prior to bidding. 16.The Auctioneer, Auctioneer Company, Associates or Representatives thereof do not imply or promise anything as to condition or state of any item or property. 17.All appropriate and usual buyers premiums, credit card premiums, other premiums, taxes, packaging, shipping and handling costs, will be calculated and paid, by the winning bidder. 18.Legal Costs, Transfer Costs are the responsibility of the Winner of Real Estate or any Auction Personal Property Auctions 1.All SoldOutright Auctions are subject to a buyers premium of no less than 10% to be paid in addition to the winning bid amount. Additional administration charges of 3-5% for credit cards or other payment methods will be added accordingly 2.The Auctioneer has the sole discretion to advance or decline the bidding and may reject any and all bids which, in the Auctioneer’s sole judgment, do not advance and/or are injurious to the auction, including but not limited to nominal, suspicious and/or suspect advances. 3.The Auctioneer shall have sole responsibility and authority in deciding the successful Bidder in any event of a bidding dispute. Auctioneers determination of the successful bidder will be final! 4.By placing a bid, you agree to all of the terms and conditions which may be set forth by each individual auction company and expressly acknowledge and affirm that you have read and are familiar with the terms and conditions of each individual auction company involved as well as these terms and conditions. 5.All sales are final upon the determination of the successful bidder by the Auctioneer. 6.By placing a bid, you acknowledge that your bid is a legally binding offer to purchase the item or property being Auctioned and you have agreed to all of the terms and conditions herein or stipulated specifically. 7.There shall be no returns or exchanges. All property is sold “AS-IS”. It is the bidders obligation and responsibility to determine the nature, condition and state of title of each item purchased. 8.The successful purchaser agrees to pay any and all reasonable attorneys fees and costs incurred by the Auction Company, The Seller and/or their servants, agents or employees in the commencement or defense of any actions hereunder as well as in the collection of any obligations hereunder. 9.Time shall be of the essence 10.Venue and jurisdiction of any and all disputes which may arise by virtue of this or any auction shall be in the Province Of Manitoba. 11.Bidder acknowledges that no relationship of any nature or type, agent, employee, independent contractor or otherwise, is created between Bidder and Auctioneer, Affiliated Auction Companies and or, Affiliated Software Companies and/or any servant, agent or employee of the same by Bidders participation in the Auction. 12.There are no bidder disclaimers, warranties , understandings, agreements, representations or warranties, expressed or implied not specified herein, respecting any contract, terms or conditions or the item or property sold hereunder, including but not limited to the merchantability or fitness for any particular use or purpose. 13. Bidder acknowledges and agrees that the Auctioneer is acting solely as the agent for the seller in this or any Auction. 14. Deposits, Full Payment, Legal Confirmation of Payment Ability or any other payment condition acceptable to the Auctioneer will be required from every potential bidder, winning bidder or bidder, whatever the case may be, unless suitable arrangements have been agreed to and confirmed solely by the Auctioneer in advance of the Auction. 15. All packaging, shipping, insurance, legal and handling costs are the responsibility of the winning bidder. 16. Descriptions of Auction Items in every case are deemed as accurate as possible and sold in as is condition. 17. Items may be shipped from various distribution locations in Canada, United States of America or United Kingdom. 18. Other than the Terms and Conditions stated above, "Additional Terms and Conditions" may apply from time to time and Auction to Auction determined solely at the discretion of the Auctioneer and/or their advisors. 19. Terms and Conditions found and described in this application override any other SoldOutright publication, website or document. Please read fully prior to any bidding activity. By placing a bid the bidder is fully informed and clearly understands the terms and conditions as stated in this text


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